TRAINING TIP: A Brief Add-On to the Grappling Video

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Thank you, Gracie family, for making this video possible. No, change that to making this video MANDATORY.

As someone who has favored striking arts for the majority of his martial arts career, I quickly came to despise the day the UFC came to town. Why? Because it brought Royce Gracie along with it. I have nothing against the man himself; it's just that ever since he came on the scene, people have bought into the myth that there really is such a thing as a "best style," with all the devotion of a religious fanatic.

Don't believe me? It's easy enough to prove. Find a video where a striker beats a grappler. Then show that video to someone who is an "all grappler, all the time" fan, and watch with amusement as the excuses fly.

"The rules in this tournament don't favor grapplers."

"The grappler didn't get much sleep the night before."

"The grappler had a cold."

"The grappler had a boo boo on his big right toe."

"The grappler's head wasn't in the game because his wife left with the kids and wanted $1,000,000 in alimony a month, plus child support, so he was distracted."

There could be more, but you get the idea. My point is: people now believe grappling styles are the only ones worth learning. Dig a little deeper, and you will find these people also believe there are certain moves which, once the grappler has secured them, the striker might as well abandon all hope and tap out immediately.

The single- and double-leg takedown is one of these moves. People think once the grappler has your leg, then it is game over. "You can't counter a single-leg takedown once they have it!" Well, that's like saying you can't counter a punch once it lands. Obviously, there are things you can do BEFORE the grappler has a hold of your leg.

And we go into a few of those counters here. :-)

~~~Steve Grogan

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