Washington (WA)


Fall City 

School: Kung Fu Club Of Issaquah/Fall City

Head Instructor: Sifu Johann Sasynuik

Address: 32841 SE 47th Pl., Fall City 98024

Website/Facebook: http://kungfuclubissaquah.com/default.htm

Email: n/a

Phone: 425-392-4712




School: Hawaii Wing Chun Kung Fu Association

Head Instructor: Rodney Lam

Address: 188900 44th Ave. W., Lynnwood 98036

Website/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HawaiiWingChunKungFuAssociationWa/

Email: n/a

Phone: 425-670-5732




School: Crows Roost Gung Fu

Head Instructor: Pete Jay

Address: n/a

Website/Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/seattlegungfu/

Email: crowsroost@gmail.com

Phone: n/a


School: Greenlake Martial Arts School

Head Instructor: Matt Soule

Address: 319 NE 72 St., Seattle 98115

Website/Facebook: https://www.evolutionofmartialart.com/

Email: info@greenlakemartialarts.com

Phone: 206-522-2457


School: Integrative Wing Chun

Head Instructor: Sifu Julio R. Ferrer

Address: 2306 4th Ave., Seattle 98121

Website/Facebook: www.sifujuliowingchun.com

Email: sifujrferrer@yahoo.com

Phone: 206-227-0482


School: North Seattle Wing Chun School

Head Instructor: Sifu John G. Lapham

Address: n/a

Website/Facebook: https://www.nswingchun.com/

Email: sifu@nswingchun.com

Phone: 206-683-9418


School: Real Wing Chun 

Head Instructor: Sifu Chas Fisher

Address: 4512 14th Ave. Nort, #9, Seattle 98107

Website/Facebook: http://www.realwingchun.com/

Email: sifu@nswingchun.com

Phone: 206-972-8787

Special Note: The site says they are a "private, invitation only" club, so you can't just drop by. Contact them via phone or email first.


School: Seattle Wing Chun

Head Instructor: Stephen Elaimy

Address: 1492 12th Ave., Seattle 98122

Website/Facebook: http://www.seattlewingchun.com/

Email: sifu@seattlewingchun.com

Phone: 206-992-0919


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