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Do you want to get better at Wing Chun, but you are unable to go to class as often as you like? Have you thought about developing a training routine you could do on your own at home, but you don’t know where to begin?

Then THE LONE WARRIOR App is the answer you need!

Designed as a companion piece to Steve Grogan’s book of the same name, THE LONE WARRIOR App will help you build a training routine based around your daily schedule. You can fill up your days with activities from the following categories:

• Forms
• Punches
• Kicks
• Blocks
• Upper Body Attacks
• Lower Body Attacks
• Simultaneous Attack and Defense
• Mook Jong and Heavy Bag Drills
• Shadow Boxing
• Rooting
• Partner Drills
• Miscellaneous Activities (Stretching, Wall Bag Drills, Etc.)

The app has 6 levels. The first level is free, and the other 5 are available for purchase via the “Shop” option. Buying the next level unlocks more activities.

THE LONE WARRIOR App has a wide assortment of activities that will help to improve your Wing Chun, including drills that will help you work on your Chi Sao skills…even if you are hardly ever around anyone who even knows what Chi Sao is!

By this point you might be wondering, “What do I get with this app?” Well, I'd be happy to answer that question with the following list:

An instructional video explaining how to use the app
• The ability to create your own training schedule
• Set reminders so you remember to do your activities
• Choose only those activities you WANT to do
• Buy higher levels to unlock more activities
• Set the number of reps or minutes for each activity
• Access to private YouTube videos that demonstrate ALL activities at ALL levels
• Contact information for Steve, if you have any questions
• The ability to log and view old schedules
• A link to a private Facebook group where you can discuss your routine and progress with others
• …and more!

Download the app now and start your journey to Wing Chun mastery!

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