Puerto Rico


No City Listed

School: Progressive Wing Chun

Head Instructor: Jose Colon and Lonny Sarao

Address: n/a

Website/Facebook: http://www.progressivewingchun.com/

Email: lonnydude@gmail.com

Phone: +1 787-531-9096 or +1 609-713-4835

Special Note: This school says they have locations in Puerto Rico and several states, but I was unable to find mention of a city anywhere online.


San Juan

School: I Am Wing Chun

Head Instructor: Sifu Rafael Gonzalez

Address: La Merced Park 381-389 Ave Eleanor Roosevelt, San Juan, 00918

Website/Facebook: https://iamwingchun.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/iamwingchun/

Email: iamwingchunpr@gmail.com

Phone: 787-219-9933


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