How to Teach Wing Chun

The day has finally come: your Sifu has given you permission to teach students of your own. You secured a location, got your liability insurance, and started advertising. Now you're just counting down the days until your school officially opens.

On the day of Class #1, you’re excited when you see a good number of students walk through the door. They all line up, and you bow them in. Your dream is about to come true. It’s time to start teaching people Wing Chun!

And question enters your mind:

“Where do I even begin???”

It isn’t until you have eager students standing before you that you realize there is so much to teach that you don’t have an answer to this inquiry...and even if you did figure out a good starting point, you won’t know where to go after that.

***Well, my fellow Wing Chun instructors and fanatics, that’s where How to Teach Wing Chun comes in!***


This book provides an easy-to-follow template for instructing the next generation of Wing Chun students. At the root of it all is something that Steve Grogan (author of The Lone Warrior and founder of Geek Wing Chun) calls “the Rule of Three.” Every aspect of the guide focuses on three things at a time.

His basis for this approach is simply: “If students have LESS than three things to work on, they will get bored and quit. Give them MORE than three, and they will get overwhelmed and quit!”


What Methodology Does HOW TO TEACH WING CHUN Use for Its Curriculum?


Before going into HOW to teach students, Steve goes into WHAT they need to be taught. These include topics like:

  • The 3 MAIN FEATURES of Wing Chun
  • The 3 TENETS of Wing Chun Combat
  •  The 3 COMMON FLAWS in Wing Chun Training, and last but definitely not least…

After describing what students must learn to improve their Wing Chun, he gives a whopping FIFTY drills that address every item on that list. Each drill is written in an easy-to-understand table, which includes:

  • The name of the drill
  • The skills it helps to develop, and
  • A description of how it works


By now you’re probably thinking, “This all sounds good, but what about Wing Chun techniques? How do we teach those?”


Funny you should ask, because guess what? After the drills, Steve lays out a plan for how to teach the techniques by arranging them all in a series. Each series has three categories (Attack, Defense, Other), and each category features three techniques. There are nine series in all…and, of course, nine is a multiple of three. (Say what you want about Steve, but there is one thing you can’t deny about him: he is consistent!)


So why stumble and fumble your way through even a single class? Order How to Teach Wing Chun by clicking the “Buy It Now” button and get your hands on a teaching plan that will help you train the next group of Wing Chun masters!



“There are plenty of books and resources you can find these days that cover how to do Wing Chun.  Where this book excels, and why you need it, is that it teaches you how to teach Wing Chun!  The author does a great job giving an detailed list of drills, tips and all-around great ideas for setting up a curriculum for teaching.  What’s more, the ideas can be applied to whatever your particular lineage is too.  So, if you’re a teacher of Wing Chun, or planning to be one, here’s a great tool to go along with your existing skill set.”

~~~Sifu Jason Korol,

Greenville Academy of Martial Arts


"Steve Grogan’s book How to Teach Wing Chun is a well-organized approach for Wing Chun teachers who do not wish to teach according to a rigid outline like in a college course where everybody starts on the same day. By following an underlying curriculum and sticking to the principles that define Wing Chun’s approach to fighting, Steve has put together a strong set of practical exercises that will help a teacher to work through the three common areas where their students will struggle.

A full 35% of his book is dedicated to drills a teacher can employ quickly and easily. These drills, which focus on developing reflexes, sensitivity, body mechanics, forward intention, and other necessary skills provide a well-organized reference that can be used alone or as part of a teacher’s existing tool kit. The organized approach also means that should an instructor not like a particular drill, it can be left out and there will still be plenty of valuable drills to fall back on.

I have no hesitation to recommend How to Teach Wing Chun to any instructor looking for a well organized method of teaching or supplement their current set of drills. Steve lays out his logic in an expectedly geek-like way so any instructor can follow the reasoning and purpose for each drill. Sprinkled with humor this book can be an enjoyable and informative read."

~~~Sifu Wayne Belonoha,

author of The Wing Chun Compendium, Volumes 1 & 2

One More Thing: BONUSES!!!


Order now, and you can get two bonuses. One of them is in the for of more material, and the other is a cool opportunity to get your school's name out there!

First, the bonus material:

A document that contains another FIFTY drills you can use in class! Yes, that's right. Between this book and the bonus, you will have 100 DRILLS to show your students. There shouldn't be any complaints about training becoming boring and predictable at your school!

*****And the opportunity?*****

Send footage of your students using a drill in class, and you can be featured on the official Geek Wing Chun YouTube channel! If you use a drill of mine in your class, film it and send it to me! Videos that are particularly striking to me will be featured on our YouTube channel, which is at a little over 1,000 subscribers!!!


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