2022 New Content Posting Schedule for Geek Wing Chun

ABOUT THIS VIDEO: Everything you need to know is in the video itself, so I am not going to recount it all here. However, I will share the list of what content will be posted on what days.

MONDAY - "Man Sao Extended" (training tips, ideas, and drills, which is the bulk of my content)

TUESDAY - Talks (any interviews that I conduct)

WEDNESDAY - Wellness (exercise, nutrition, mental health)

THURSDAY - Thoughts (any training ideas that didn't make Monday's cut)

FRIDAY - Finds (reviews of Wing Chun equipment, sparring gear, books, movies, and video games/RPGs)

SATURDAY - Shorts (videos that might show me training or sharing a quick thought/tip/idea)

SUNDAY - Sessions (Train along with me via YouTube Live!)

~~~Steve Grogan

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