All the cities with Wing Chun schools are listed right on this page. Since there aren't too many, it won't take you long to scroll down and find the city that is appropriate to you. For states that have a LOT of cities, you will see the alphabet running underneath this description. Click on the first letter of the city you want to check out, and you will be taken to all cities that start with that letter. 



School: Pro-Am Wingtchun Organisation (International)

Head Instructor: Mark

Address: n/a

Email: 100612.724@Compuserve.Com

Phone: 01704-539695



School: Midlands Wing Chun Kuen

Head Instructor: Steve Jones

Address: The Village Hall, Carntown, near Bridgend

Website/Facebook: n/a


Phone: 01656 645431



School: Wing Chun Method of Kung Fu

Head Instructor: Si-Fu Billy Davidson

Address: John Bright Sports Centre, Llandudno, North Wales

Website/Facebook: n/a


Phone: 0161 950 2471


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