Puerto Rico

All the cities with Wing Chun schools are listed right on this page. Since there aren't too many, it won't take you long to scroll down and find the city that is appropriate to you. For states that have a LOT of cities, you will see the alphabet running underneath this description. Click on the first letter of the city you want to check out, and you will be taken to all cities that start with that letter. 


No City Listed

School: Progressive Wing Chun

Head Instructor: Jose Colon and Lonny Sarao

Address: n/a

Website/Facebook: http://www.progressivewingchun.com/

Email: lonnydude@gmail.com

Phone: +1 787-531-9096 or +1 609-713-4835

Special Note: This school says they have locations in Puerto Rico and several states, but I was unable to find mention of a city anywhere online.


San Juan

School: I Am Wing Chun

Head Instructor: Sifu Rafael Gonzalez

Address: La Merced Park 381-389 Ave Eleanor Roosevelt, San Juan, 00918

Website/Facebook: https://iamwingchun.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/iamwingchun/

Email: n/a

Phone: 787-940-6694


School: Wing Chun Puerto Rico

Head Instructor: n/a

Address: Calle Fernando Calder #477, San Juan Puerto Rico-00918

Website/Facebook: n/a

Email: n/a

Phone: 787-348-0037


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