All the cities with Wing Chun schools are listed right on this page. Since there aren't too many, it won't take you long to scroll down and find the city that is appropriate to you. For states that have a LOT of cities, you will see the alphabet running underneath this description. Click on the first letter of the city you want to check out, and you will be taken to all cities that start with that letter. 




School: Chong's Wing Chun Kung Fu la Generacion Mexicana en Aguascalientes AGS

Head Instructor: n/a

Address: Calle Cosio No 730, Col el Llanito, Aguascalientes, AGS 20240

Website/Facebook: n/a

Email: discsa@prodigy.

Phone: 01 4 9 78 04 95 Y 9 18 50 40




School: Do-No-Kai Martial Arts Academy

Head Instructor: Shihan Alonso Lee Ridle

Address: Chapala, Jalisco 45900 México

Website/Facebook: n/a


Phone: n/a




School: Remis Shaolin Kung-fu Institute

Head Instructor: Sifu José E. Remis

Address: Av. México-Oaxaca s/n. "Unidad Deportiva", Cuautla, Morelos 62740 México

Website/Facebook: n/a


Phone: (73) 18-42-68




School: Casa de los Nueve Dragones Ving-Tsun Kung-Fu

Head Instructor: Hector R. Bonilla O.

Address: Carretera Cordoba-Fortin, Fortin, A.P.#15, Veracruz 94471 Mexico

Website/Facebook: n/a


Phone: (271) 6-08-74


México City


School: Centro de Arte Marcial Kung Fu

Head Instructor: R. Kwok Chee Cheung

Address: Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas 1158 esq. pilares Col. Vertiz Narvate, México D.F. 03660

Website/Facebook: n/a


Phone: 5532 2306


School: Deportivo Victoria de las Democracias

Head Instructor: Alberto Villanueva

Address: Toronjil, Col. Victoria de las Democracias, Distrito Federal 02810

Website/Facebook: n/a


Phone: 5-309-44-54, 5-355-12-79


School: Instituo Wong Wing Chun Gung-Fu

Head Instructor: Jose Wong

Address: Calzada de Tlalpan 1471, México, D.F.

Website/Facebook: n/a


Phone: 394-72-55 / 740-65-18


School: Moy Yat Ving Tsun Kung Fu Mexico

Head Instructor: Sifu Javier Ramirez

Address: Dr. Barragan #456, Colonia Narvarte, México City 03020

Website/Facebook: n/a


Phone: (525) 519 1512


School: SIAM (Sistema de Artes Marciales P/Defensa Personal)

Head Instructor: Alberto Villanueva

Address: Toronjil, Col. Victoria de las Democracias, México, Distrito Federal 02810

Website/Facebook: n/a






School: Academia de Ving Tsun Monterrey

Head Instructor: Sergio Malacara

Address: Ruperto Martinez 521 Ote, Colonia Centro, Monterrey, Nuevo León 64700



Phone: (52)-(8)-3 42 78 98




School: Wing Chun

Head Instructor: Hugo Hernández Miramontes

Address: Jacobo M. Aguirre 959 Esquina Centenario, Saltillo, Coahuila 25000

Website/Facebook: n/a

Email: n/a

Phone: 52-412-4209




School: Centro Acupuntura Botanica Oriental

Head Instructor: Sifu James Valentino Santi

Address: Ave. Allende No. 7450 Col. Independencia, Tijuana, Baja California

Website/Facebook: n/a


Phone: (66) 38-62-71


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